Bhangarh – A Motorbike Trip in Rajasthan, India

16 Sep

Bhangarh – A Motorbike Trip in Rajasthan, India

” Inside The Boundaries of The Ruins, A Beautiful Township”

Before entering the Boundaries of Bhangarh, I was full of belief that something will be definitely scary !!

As I have listened to lots of Stories behind Bhangarh so was expecting the same !!

Some people declared it One of the Most Haunted Place on the Earth….

Though there is a Warning signboard placed by “Archaeological Survey Of India” to Not to Stay here After the Sunset & Before the Sunrise !!

Frankly speaking, I found nothing like that….This is just a Boundaries of Ruins…A Great History that is still not well known !!!

A Marvelous Architectural Effort, Bhangarh is one of the oldest forts in Rajasthan India, established in the year 1573. It is on the outskirts of the Sariska Sanctuary, set within forests, covered by water sources and with the imposing backdrop of the Aravali.

Motorcycle Tour in india

The Township, Palace, Market, Temple, Pathways, Gates everything is badly ruined it is a Sad news

I found it so intelligently planned, carved and maintained !!

Along the main road, are shops on either side-perfectly symmetrical, sign of a wealthy urban center. Especially worth to see two temples ornately carved in stone and marble !!

Overall being in Bhangarh will never be a Haunted experience but will take us into the Ancient era of Kings of Rajasthan

Go Once !! You Will Enjoy Definitely !!!!

If you think about Motorcycle Tours in Rajasthan please mark ‘BHANGARH’ in your Itinerary for sure.


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