Bullet Baba – A Motorcycle Tour in Rajasthan

16 Sep

Bullet Baba – A Motorcycle Tour in Rajasthan


“The Only Temple on Earth, Where RE Bullet Motorcycle is being worshiped”

“Rajasthan Is Full Of Wonderful Places, Rich in History & Culture” …..

Every time this thought adds value to itself when I return back from a Ride of My Land “Rajasthan”.

Riding in Rajasthan will always remain on Top if we talk about a Motorcycle Tour in India.

This time it was an Important Ride for Me & RUDRA to Celebrate the Togetherness of 1 Yr. & 20,000 Kms …

RUDRA is a Bullet so Decided to visit an Old Bullet being worshiped by Thousands of People…

We Rode Not to Worship but for Its Historical Value….

To mark 20,000 Kms, We need to Ride 330 more Kms. From Jaipur….

Woowwww what a coincidence, “BULLET BABA” too stays 330 Kms. From RUDRA’s place…

“BULLET BABA” is a Shrine of ‘Om Banna” in Pali District where Hundreds of Devotees turn up Every day to pray for a Safe Journey…..

Motorcycle Tour in Rajasthan

It’s always Wonderful to Start Riding early Morning, left Jaipur by 4:45 in the Morning…

Thanks, Vishal Singh Shekhawat Bro  You always On time !! and Make me Too !!

It was Superb Ride throughout Monsoon Rain…. We entered into Drizzling to Heavy Showers !!

BULLET is meant to Cross Everything, It proves every time & this time too perfectly…..

After checking so many Shower Spells, finally, it was a Bright Sunshine @ the Door of Bullet Baba…

Worship Bells were ringing, Some of Traditional Rajasthani musical instruments were taking active participation to define this a Blessed place..

Most of the devotees offer Liquor to ‘BULLET BABA’, this is a Tradition or Rule to visit the Shrine, we just missed unknowingly..

When I faced ‘BULLET BABA’ he was starting to my Innocent but Silly face, how this Poor guy forgot my Whisky….

I was afraid and was looking back to RUDRA about the forgotten TOLL to BULLET BABA….”Why didn’t U remind me ??”….

RUDRA smiled and noticed by BULLET BABA too…..
Now BULLET BABA smiled at me and gave me benefit of doubt….
”Jaa Bachha Maaf Kiya, Agli Baar Dhyaan Rakhna” (Don’t worry !! this time I forgive you but don’t forget the Rule next time)…..
Thanks, BABA

He Blessed me safe Journey for Thousands of Kilometers but Binds me to have a Promise too !!

Promise to BULLET BABA :
Never Ride without Helmet & All Other Safety Gears…Never Means Never !!

We Just Promised & Proceed Further

If you are looking for MotorBike tours in India, Please mark ‘Bullet Baba’ in your Itinerary for sure.

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