Guided Motorcycle Tours in Rajasthan

Have you ever considered doing an adventure motorbike tour in Rajasthan? Knowing about the royal forts, palaces, grand Havelis, exquisite frescoes in the Shekhawati region on your bike is something that will blow your mind. Don’t forget to explore the magic of the state by watching those beautiful Sand dunes in the Thar Desert. And enjoy the famous wildlife at Ranthambore along with kaleidoscopic fairs round the year. Experiencing these activities on a motorbike that can be thrilling and exhilarating. For all motorcycle enthusiasts, the land of deserts ought to be in your never-ending travel list. Yes, you read it right!

Rajasthan, the quintessential land of Maharajas, has abundant fascinating places to lure tourists from all over the world. The myriad unforgettable experience one gets on a Rajasthan bike trip remains unparalleled. Covering astounding places like Jaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner, Kota, and other nearby villages surely will build a plethora of memories that are bound to stay with you forever. Excited to know more about adventure motorcycle tours in Rajasthan? Let’s quickly have a look:

Rajasthan - Best Motorcycle Tours:

Which places to cover on a motorbike in Rajasthan?

1.  Jaipur: The Pink City is the perfect place to set your travel mood right. Riding across the vibrant streets of Jaipur and watching Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar, Nahargarh Fort, Amer Fort, City Palace passing by is delightful. Women dressed in varied hues, men in different attire, and the hustle &  bustle of the city is a heavenly sight for any to watch. And exploring nearby villages will give you an unmatched experience of a lifetime. If you love wearing ethnic or traditional dresses, visit the ‘Old City’ and Bapu Bazaar.

     One should also visit India’s largest saline lake, Sambhar Lake, on his own Royal Enfield, which is just 90 kms away from Jaipur. It is the source of most of Rajasthan’s salt production. A long ride to Sambhar Lake will be quite adventurous.

     For getting all religious feels, Pushkar is the right place that is nearly 120kms away from Sambhar. The only temple of Lord Brahma, who is considered to be one of the holy trinity of Hinduism, is located in Pushkar. Also, make sure not to miss the fun at Ghats and Bazaars in Pushkar and Jaipur.     

2.  Jodhpur: Popularly called as the ‘Blue City’ of Rajasthan, Jodhpur is the second-largest city in the state of Rajasthan. When doing a Royal Enfield Rajasthan tour, one should not miss going to this city. Experience the mesmerizing palaces and a sea of indigo-coloured houses. The mesmerizing view of Umaid Bhavan Palace is undoubtedly going to take your breath away! This Marwar region of Rajasthan will showcase the true spirit of Rajasthan.

3.  Jaisalmer:  One of the most amazing & fulfilling experiences that a rider can enjoy is travelling from Jodhpur to Jaisalmer. Like Jaipur is called the ‘Pink City’, Jodhpur as the ‘Blue City’; Jaisalmer is known as the ‘Golden City’. You shall come across picturesque landscapes, mud-houses, people with a big moustache, and huge turbans, colourfully attired women with varied jewellery on your motorcycle trip.

     Also, get ready to see the landmark ‘Jaisalmer Fort’ or ‘Sonar Quila’ and famous golden sand dunes of the Thar Desert. Are you eager to go out for a motorbike tour at these places? The best time to visit these places is either at the time of Diwali, the festival of lights or Holi, the festival of colours. 

4.  Mandawa: This place is around 200 kms away from Jaipur and sets the perfect ambiance for a peaceful evening at the classic yet medieval-style heritage hotel in Mandawa. It is truly the heart of the Shekhawati region offering an Open Art Gallery. This heritage city is possibly the first choice for Bollywood filmmakers. Famous for its forts and Havelis, going to Mandawa is pure joy for any motorcycle rider.

5.  Bikaner: Welcome to the ‘Desert City of Rajasthan’ with open arms. The immensely popular camel safaris, Rampuria Haveli, and golden sand dunes are a sight to watch in this city. For a stronger flavour of Rajasthan’s Royal life, Bikaner will be the ideal place to be at. Come and get a glimpse of the Junagarh Fort which will captivate your heart. Bikaner is also referred to as ‘Red City’ as it was built by red sandstones. Explore Bikaner’s old town with your travel partner and make sure you fill your tummy with the famous ‘Bikaji Namkeen’.         

6.  Ranthambore: If you haven’t seen those big cats in ages, Ranthambore Tiger Safari will not disappoint you. Breathe the fresh air and immerse yourself in the Rajasthani spirit. For bird lovers, Keoladeo National Park (Ghana Bird Sanctuary) is the place that hosts a varied number of bird species.

7.  Udaipur: Also known as the ‘Venice of East’, ‘City of Lakes’, Udaipur is one of the finest examples of architectural marvel. Get amused by the scenic beauty of the lakes, City Palace of Udaipur, and magnificent hills in the backdrop. This exotic city is amidst the Aravali Ranges of Rajasthan. Udaipur is synonymous with beauty, romance, tranquillity, peace, and love. It is unquestionably the dream destination for those tying the knot. When doing a motorcycle tour in Rajasthan, make sure Udaipur is on the list.

What are you waiting for? Get ready to explore the grandeur of this state on your beloved travel partner and have an experience of a lifetime. Explore the culture of the state with Sand2Snow Adventure. If you are looking for an amalgamation of culture and adventure, let us be your perfect host!

We believe a true traveller not just sees what is around but feels what is around! So, quickly book your seats for the best adventure motorcycle tour in Rajasthan. Just leave it to us, we will take care of the rest!

For more such pieces, keep an eye on this space. Do let us know which place in Rajasthan you would like to travel to. Drop your comments in the below section.

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Guided Motorcycle Tours

Guided Motorcycle Tours in India

India is a traveller's delight. From impeccably high mountains to deep seas, from flower-covered valleys to sandy beaches, from enchanting ancient monuments to beautiful modern sculptures - the country has it all that a traveller possibly seeks. India is also known for its rich culture and amazing hospitality. Numerous tourists from different parts of the world visit India every year. Adventure seekers, nature lovers and spiritual enthusiasts love this place alike. However, not many of them explore the depths of the country on a motorbike. If you truly wish to experience the essence of this mystical place and take home memories to cherish forever, then we suggest guided motorcycle tours in India.



Let us go through some of the most popular and enjoyable motorcycle tours in India:


Himalayan Motorcycle Trip India


Many beautiful Indian hill stations are nestled in the magnificent Himalayan range. Each of these places has its own story to tell. They encompass high mountains, beautiful valleys, ancient temples and beautiful monuments. They boast of the rich heritage that is preserved for years. The people residing here still follow their culture and traditions diligently. Motorbike trips in India, especially in this part of the country, are breath-taking.


For an actual biking experience, head to Ladakh. The ride may seem a bit tough, but it is enjoyable to the core. The Pangong Lake, Magnetic Hill, Zanskar Valley and Shanti Stupa are some of the places to explore here. Motorbike Tours to Manali and Shimla are equally enjoyable. The ride along the hills is refreshing. Some of the other Himalayan hill stations that are best explored on a bike include Kullu, Dalhousie, Dharamshala, Nanital, Darjeeling, Gangtok and Mussoorie. Their beauty lies in their diversity. You get a lot of different things to explore as you set out to these beautiful places on your bike.




Rajasthan Adventure Motorcycle Tours India


Rajasthan is known for its architectural marvels, vibrant culture, and mouth-watering cuisines. People in this part of the country are incredibly humble and helpful. If you are planning a motorbike tour in India, then this is the best place to head to more so, if you have a fetish for ancient monuments. Several adventure seekers from around the world book guided motorcycle tours to the state each year.


Jaipur is one of the first places that should be on your list. The area encompasses several beautifully built forts. These forts are a reflection of the lavish lifestyle and exquisite taste of the Indian rulers. The city also has a lot in store for shoppers. Go & explore its colourful markets and pick some souvenirs for your loved ones. Jaisalmer is another beautiful city in Rajasthan which is famous for its golden sand dunes. The Jaisalmer Fort also attracts tourists from far and wide. Explore the city at length on your bike. And share your experience with us later!


Udaipur is yet another city in Rajasthan that should be on your list as you head to this beautiful state. It is often called the ‘City of Lakes’. You can also witness the grandeur of some of the best historical monuments here. Jodhpur, Alwar, Ranthambore and Mount Abu are among some of the other places you should explore here.


Rajasthan to Himalayas Motorcycle Trip


While the Himalayas are famous for their gigantic mountains and lush green valleys, Rajasthan is known for its magnificent monuments and rich heritage. A bike trip from Rajasthan to the Himalayas acquaints you with different shades of India. We often say that our country is known for its unity in diversity. This trip proves that this statement is true to its words. Not just these two states but the route along the way offers a lot to explore. If you are a true adventure seeker and want to cover the length and breadth of the city on two wheels, then this is the trip for you.


Konkan Goa Motorbike Trip


Other places in India that are worth exploring on a bike are Konkan and Goa. Goa is undoubtedly one of the most visited tourist destinations in India. It is known for its stunning beaches and lush greenery. The gorgeous Indian state is also famous for its casinos and nightlife. The place is loved by Indians and foreigners alike. Goa is filled with tourists all year round. However, the best time to visit the place is from October to March. Bike ride around the place is the best way to experience its culture, nature and beauty.


The Konkan Coastline also gratifies the quest of travellers. It is known for its blue waters and virgin beaches. It also boasts of spectacular waterfalls and enchanting wildlife. Take a motorcycle ride in this part of the country to experience its exquisiteness. Don’t forget to talk to the natives on the way. They will give you a good insight into the place.


Motorcycle tours in India are gradually gaining popularity. These have caught the interest of Indians as well as foreigners. This is because the country has so much to offer to the adventure seekers. It is best to go for a guided motorbike tour to enjoy your trip to the fullest.


If you have set your mood to travel India on a motorbike then you quickly need to contact Sand2Snow Adventures who offer guided bike tours in India. Just tell them your preferred destination and let them plan the rest. Right from the things to carry on your expedition to the route you should take – you are guided about everything. Besides, you always have help at hand. So, you need not worry about anything during the trip.


Sand2Snow has arranged several guided motorcycle tours to different parts of the country. The company is glad to associate with adventure lovers from around the world. It has a team of experts who are well-versed with various Indian routes. They begin by providing a complete set of instructions aimed to ensure a smooth ride and an awesome trip. They are there to guide you at every step.


So, if you are planning to hit the Indian roads on two wheels then let Sand2Snow guide you through.

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